The Easiest Appetizer Ever: Bruschetta Lentil Dip

Let’s talk bruschetta.  Bru-‘shet-ta?  Or bru-‘sket-ta?

Technically, the latter is the correct pronunciation; however, when I order it, I never say it that way.  I think it makes me look like a stuck up food snob trying to be Italian.

When really, I’m just a short Asian girl who is freaking in love with this stuff.  I’m not sure why this simple dish does it for me, but it does.

I love me some fresh bread topped with chopped tomatoes, olive oil, basil and garlic garlic garlic.

Lentil Bruschetta top |

Now I’m all hyped up on bruschetta and I didn’t even make bruschetta.  BUT this bruschetta-inspired lentil dip is just as good.  (And possible even better with the fiber and nutrients from the lentils!)

I first had this dip from one of my friends over at Toasted Sparkle and have made it multiple times since.

It is the easiest dip, and you only need these ingredients to make it- Steamed Lentils, Bruschetta Sauce, Feta Cheese and Basil… all bought from my favorite, Trader Joe’s.

Lentil Bruschetta items |

All you need to do is toss together the lentils, cheese, chopped basil and bruschetta sauce and voila!  Serve with a sliced baguette, cucumber slices or other veggies.

Simple to make; delicious and healthy for all!

Lentil Bruschetta above | thefreshfind.comLentil Bruschetta close |

By the way, thanks for all my visitors from my last post!  Maybe it was the post timing, the content or the pictures that got you, but whatever it was, thank you!  Or maybe it was the fact that it was titled, “Attention!” in which, I’m glad y’all listen :)

Keep following and reading, and some news will be released soon!  Thanks to all the support I have received lately, it truly means the world.



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18 comments on “The Easiest Appetizer Ever: Bruschetta Lentil Dip

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  2. it’s bru’skeht’ah! i speak Italian so I had to chime in. I lived in Firenze (Florence) for 6 months. :)
    What a nice healthy twist on this dish.

    • I had no idea you spoke Italian nor went to Florence, that’s awesome! I was in Florence for only a day and it was beautiful. I want to go back and eat there!

  3. Thanks for sharing this, looks yummy! I love Trader Joe’s and finding new, healthy ways to put their products together. And your photography is beautiful!

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  6. Trader Joe’s had this as as their promotional sample yesterday. It was so delish I bought the ingredients and it’s my dinner tonight. I used their jarred brushchetta because it was part of the promotion. Don’t add any salt before you taste it. I added Spike to flavor it up a bit before I tasted it, and Spike has some sea salt in it. If I had shaken in a bit more it would have been too salty

  7. I’ve had this dip at several family gatherings. Thanks for the idea to add chopped basil. That will make it more appealing and tasty! I’m taking it to Bunco tonight. (It’s an old lady game – the mom’s in the neighborhood get together once a month!)

  8. Hi, Kristin- this sounds so good… And like something that would go over well at a shower. Can you tell me about how many people this might feed?
    Thank you for your time!

    • Of course Rin! It makes a pretty big bowl of hearty lentils, so I would say it is safe to make for a party of 10-12 people. I would say it is an appetizer, so just a snack for all!

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