Friday Favorites

This week’s favorites are all smoothies because I have been obsessed with them lately.  I drink this Vanilla Protein Milkshake almost every day after my workout, but I need to switch it up.

I made a Peach Green Ginger smoothie this week which was incredible and I will share it soon!  For now, I’m adding these to the list.

1. Pumpkin Smoothie from The Pioneer Woman.  It’s not Fall yet, but I can’t resist anything with pumpkin!

Pumpkin smoothie

2. This Honeydew Mint Smoothie from Will Cook For Friends.  I had the sweetest honeydew from the market and wanted to make a smoothie out of it… but I ate it too quick!  I have to get another one now and make this.

Honeydew mint

3.  Chia Green Smoothie from iFOODreal.  Green AND chia?  Ah, my heart is sold.  This girl has some incredible stuff, go check her out!

Chia Green smoothie

4. This Kale Banana Smoothie from Food Fanatic (it’s also got kiwi, almond milk and cranberries…yum!)kale-smoothie-photo

5.  And this Avocado Green Tea Smoothie from Dream About Food.  I just about died from the name alone… gotta try this one!


Hope y’all have a great weekend!  I am in Denver, CO and fly back tonight.  I can’t wait to share some of my trip!

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4 comments on “Friday Favorites

    • Of course! I recently discovered y’all and I will be following from here on. Everything I’ve seen so far is incredible!

    • Of course! I want to try the avocado one too, it’s probably so creamy! Thanks for reading, I’m a big fan of your blog!

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