[Alphabet Soup] F is for FoodHeads

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After a long hiatus, we started up our Alphabet Soup group again with FoodHeads.  We’ve eaten our way through The ABGB, Black Star and El Chile.  I know you’re thinking, what were D and E dinners?

Well, D was for DK Sushi, on a Thursday night with their infamous karaoke.  Let’s just say that was an interesting experience…

E was for Epicerie.  Unfortunately, I came down with food poisoning and did not get to attend and grab some photos.  But Epicerie is at the top of my places to eat and I will report back.  The girls loved it!

FoodHeads Austin TX | www.thefreshfind.com

We had a lot of options for F dinner (this time lunch)… the famous Franklin barbecue, Foreign and Domestic, FINO, Finn & Porter, and Frank and Angies.

It was very difficult to pick, but we decided on FoodHeads because we heard so much about their sandwiches.  Plus, they’ve got an eggplant pesto sandwich, which is a no-brainer for me.  However, I still want to go to they other F’s, so if anyone is interested in a little date, I’m in.

FoodHeads Austin TX | www.thefreshfind.com

First off, FoodHeads is adorable.  The outside patio is scattered with succulents and plants and the tables are shaded by colorful umbrellas.  It’s the type of place where you order and then find yourself a table.

FoodHeads Austin TX | www.thefreshfind.com

The menu is full of creative and delicious sandwiches and soups.  These were the sandwiches I narrowed the menu down to.  There were too many good ones!

  • Chicken & Eggplant: Grilled chicken breast & roasted eggplant on toasted multi-grain bread with goat cheese, basil pesto, spinach, tomato, & blackberry balsamic vinaigrette
  • Apple Pork: Grilled pork tenderloin on toasted ciabatta with smoked Gouda cheese, fresh spinach, spicy apple & tomato pico and honey dijon aioli.
  • Hot Pastrami: Grilled pastrami on toasted multi-grain bread with Swiss cheese, tomato, brown deli mustard and saur-slaw.
  • Bella: Grilled portabella & bleu cheese served on toasted multi-grain bread with spinach, tomato,& blackberry balsamic vinaigrette
  • Squash & Mozz: Grilled squash & mozzarella served on toasted multi-grain bread with spinach, tomato, basil pesto, & blackberry balsamic vinaigrette

Tough decision.. right?

FoodHeads Austin TX | www.thefreshfind.com

After much process of elimination, I was still terribly torn between the Bella and Chicken and Eggplant.  So, I did the Chicken & Eggplant Pesto… but subbed out the chicken for a portabella.  I still got the sinly delicious goat cheese and pesto, but made it veg-friendly.  I would highly recommend.

FoodHeads Austin TX | www.thefreshfind.com

We also tried the Hot Pastrami which was so delicious with the mustard and saur-slaw.  I’m not even a mustard fan, but I enjoyed it a lot.

FoodHeads Austin TX | www.thefreshfind.com

Also, you can get a cup of soup for just $3.50.  It is getting near the 100’s, so we ordered the Watermelon Gazpacho and it was very refreshing.  They also had a Chicken Tortilla, Roasted Red Pepper and a Vegan Vegetable Chowder.

Both sandwiches came out freshly toasted and the insides were overflowing with goodness.  Yummmm.  I would be shocked if you didn’t find your sandwich super hearty and super fresh.

If you find yourself wandering around north of campus, be sure to pop in here.  They are only open for dinner Thursday-Saturday, so be sure to check the menu.  Also check out their breakfast!  Thanks for having us FoodHeads, you were delicious!



616 W. 34th St. Austin, TX 78705 | (512) 420-8400

Hours: M-W: 7am-4pm, Th-Sat 7am-9pm



G dinner… to be scheduled soon!  Any suggestions?

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    Amy @ What Jew Wanna Eat
    July 30, 2014 at 4:35 pm

    Love Foodheads! If you need a food date I’m in :)

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