Indian Street Food with Kitchen Underground

If you are in need for a creative date night, a girls night, or time with Mom, cooking classes are THE way to go.  They are so much fun, interactive and you get to eat!  AND some of them are BYOB.   Hello, jackpot.

Kitchen Underground is an Austin company that offers creative cooking classes taught by local passionate chefs.  Classes are held at various locations– local farms, community kitchens and even beer warehouses!

I recently went to Kitchen Underground’s Indian Street Food class, taught by my friend and fellow blogger, Shefaly.  We did all the cooking at Zilker Brewing Co– without a commercial kitchen, we were truly making “street” food.

Shef teaches cooking classes around Austin, specializing in Indian cuisine.  With her experience as a former physician’s assistant, she emphasizes the concept of ‘food as medicine’.  Throughout class, we got her tips on Indian cuisine, while also getting nutrition tips.  Cooking + Nutrition?  What more could I ask for?  I was all ears.

Turmeric has become very popular because of it’s curcumin content, which has anti-inflammatory properties and is high in antioxidants.  However, did you know that adding some black pepper increase the bioavailability and absorption of curcumin by 2000%?  Thanks Shef!

Indian Street Food | Kitchen Underground | spices

Shef started out class with a spice rundown.  The amount and variety of Indian spices can be very overwhelming.  Shef showcased her spice collection and shared her favorite brands, tips and where to buy them!

We started with Roasted Corn which was paired with a decadent and delicious Chili Garlic Butter.

When you add the heat of the chili and raw garlic with the buttery goodness, you’ve got danger.  Like, major danger.

Indian Street Food | Kitchen Underground | Street Corn

Indian Street Food | Kitchen Underground | Pav Bhaji

Next we made Pani Puri, another popular street snack.

These thin, chip-like cups are filled with chickpeas, potatoes and spices.  Then, you top it with pani (mint water) and a tamarind-date chutney.

Indian Street Food | Kitchen Underground | Pani Puri

For the sake of time (and sanity), Shef broke everyone into groups.  Each group was responsible for either the chutney, the filling, or the mint water.

The pani (mint water), is full of various herbs, spices and a serrano chili pepper which gives a good kick!

Indian Street Food | Kitchen Underground | Pani

Next up was Pav Bhaji– a delicious vegetable curry.

This curry is a blend of veggies, tomatoes, and spices, and is paired with toasted bread.  In India, it is common to eat with your hands.  The bread is the sopping vehicle for the delicious curry.

Indian Street Food | Kitchen Underground
Another group made Hot Garlic Chutney which went on top of Dahi-Puri Chaat.

Chaat means finger lickin’ good.  (“chaatna” means “to lick” in Hindi).  And I DEFINITELY licked my fingers after eating this chaat.  Chaat is commonly served from food stalls along the street– ours was topped with potatoes, yogurt and chutneys.

Indian Street Food | Kitchen Underground | Chutneys


Indian Street Food | Kitchen Underground | Chaat

Indian Street Food | Kitchen Underground | Chaat

As you can see, everything was delicious.  I had so much fun and I learned a lot!  I think everyone left with more confidence in the kitchen, full bellies and happy hearts.  Thanks for the great class, Shef!

For more classes taught by Shef, see Shefs Kitchen’s schedule.

For more classes by Kitchen Underground, check out their class selection!  Learn to make Homemade Cheese, Homemade Pastas, Homemade Bread and more.  Classes are in Austin and now in Houston!


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