Rosemary Roasted Potatoes |

Rosemary Roasted Potatoes [veg] [v] [gf]

As you know, I started my first herb garden.   Okay fine, it’s just a planter, but I have dreams of it becoming a garden.  Boy, these herb babies growing!  The basil is growing quite tall and the rosemary and … Continue reading


[Travel] Weekend in Big Bend National Park

A few weekends ago, a group of friends and I headed out to canoe the Santa Elena Canyon in Big Bend National Park.  Ever since I moved to Texas, I’ve wanted to go to Big Bend.  When my friend told … Continue reading

Rosemary Chicken Meatballs |

Rosemary Chicken Meatballs

Y’all.  My friend and I made meatballs the other day and oh my goodness. This was one of those meals that we just “yummm”d and “mmmmm”d and “oh my goshhhhhh”d the entire meal. The entire meal.  I think few other … Continue reading

Mast O Khiar Herbs |

Mast-o-Khiar Yogurt Dip

Do y’all remember when I posted about these Persian Spices I got from Raw Spice Bar?  I received Mast-o-Khiar, Saffron threads, and Advieh Khoresht.  I had never cooked with these spices, so thankfully I got these great recipes to go with! … Continue reading

Hop Doddy 2

The 25 Best Meals During 25

My birthday is coming up on Saturday; I will be turning 26. 25 has been… well, delicious.  Before I overwhelm your eyes and stomachs with food porn, I must say, birthdays are always a weird time of year for me.  I … Continue reading

Blue Dahlia Bistro |

Best Vegetarian Eats in Austin, TX

While Austin hosts the top barbecue joints in the nation, Austin still manages to be one of the top vegetarian cities to live in.  With such active inhabitants and health enthusiasts, it’s no wonder vegetarian restaurants flourish in this city. … Continue reading

Quinoa Fried Rice |

Quinoa Fried “Rice” [veg] [gf]

Hey y’all– I’m sorry for the hiatus (yet again), something about that time of year just gets to me.  The holidays get so busy, and the new year is a busy time for work.  I still cook, but the whole … Continue reading


R3 Summit with Prevention Magazine

A few weekends ago, I got the pleasure to attend the R3 Summit, put on by Prevention Magazine and I had such a great time.  As much as I love going to food events, my true interest is in health … Continue reading

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