24 hours in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

Disclosure:  I was provided compensated meals for parts of this trip, however, all opinions are my own.

We arrived in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island after a fun and delicious visit to it’s big sister, Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Prince Edward Island is GORGEOUS.  I felt like I was in a movie because of  the rolling hills, bright green grass, blue skies, vast land, red sand and very quaint houses.

Glasgow Glen Farm | Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island | thefreshfind.com

For Anne of Green Gables fans, the book was inspired by the land and beaches of Prince Edward Island.  We were staying in Charlottetown, which has a cute little downtown, local eateries and breweries!

Receiver Coffee

We started our morning at Receiver Coffee.  We heard about their amazing coffee so we stopped by.  And thennnnn, there was avocado toast on the menu!  I mean, I can’t resist… it was only $8 CAN and we got these two slices.

And yes, the coffee was darn good!  There were people working on their laptops and seemed like a great place to study or work.

Receiver Coffee | Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island | thefreshfind.com

Receiver Coffee | Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island | thefreshfind.com

Brunch at Leonhard’s

We walked over to Leonhard’s and it was love at first sight.  It might be the cutest restaurant that I have been to.  There was tons of natural light, beautiful chandeliers, whites and greys, and small decor touches that made the biggest difference.  I must have taken over 50 photos in the place… before I even ordered my food.

When the food did come out, I was full on in love.  I loved their yogurt + granola parfait, which came with my smoked salmon, hearty toast and poached eggs.

Leonhard's | Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island | thefreshfind.com

Leonhard's | Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island | thefreshfind.com

He ordered the Eggs Benedict with bacon and we loved it.  Even after eating avocado toast, there were no leftovers.

How cute is this place?  It was hard to capture how delicate and beautiful it all was, so you’ll just have to visit for yourself!

PEI National Park

Feeling quite full, we headed out to the North Shore and PEI National Park.  We took a stroll down these long beaches and it was very peaceful– there were only a few people out!  It was a bit chilly so we didn’t get in the water, but we just strolled and enjoyed the beauty.

PEI National Park | Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island | thefreshfind.com

Cheese at Glasgow Glen Farm

We continued along the coastal drive and saw a sign for a gouda farm… umm YES!  We followed the signs and found ourselves at Glasgow Glen Gouda farm.  It was a small place that has fresh bread and pizzas topped with their gouda, of course.

When you walk to the back, you can see the cheese-making process and lots of cheese wheels!  We couldn’t resist trying a wedge of gouda with their fresh bread.

Glasgow Glen Farm | Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island | thefreshfind.com

Drinks at Blue Mussel Cafe

After indulging on cheese and bread, we had a craving for wine.  (It’s only natural, right?)  We ventured over to Blue Mussel Cafe to enjoy an incredible view and some wine.  Many people were on the deck enjoying their PEI mussels, but we kiiiinda over did it on the bread and cheese so we just opted for some wine :)

Blue Mussel Cafe | Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island | thefreshfind.com

Blue Mussel Cafe | Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island | thefreshfind.com

Ice cream at COWS Creamery

When you arrive on PEI, you’ll be greeted by COWS Creamery.  We saw a few COWS stores on our trip, but we held out until the factory!  At the factory, there is a free tour (it’s very brief and casual), and you can order some treats.

I can’t remember which flavor we ordered, but it was so so good.  They have all sorts of flavors which caramel, chocolate, toffee, almonds and more.  It was not an easy decision!

Dinner at Terre Rouge

Terre Rouge is all about staying local.  They source as much of their veggies and meats from local producers as possible.

You MUST get the Mushroom Toast.

You must.  Sourdough is topped with mushrooms, roasted shallot aioli, kale, goat cheese, toasted nuts, and red wine gastrique.  It’s unbelievable.  I savored every bite and just kept thinking, oh my gosh. Oh. my. gosh.

Terre Rouge | Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island | thefreshfind.com

They have a very creative and flavorful menu– it was hard to decide what to order!  We also enjoyed the Lentil + Beet Burger, Local Halibut and the Pan Seared Scallops.  Being a huge beet burger fan, I was very excited to try the beet burger, however, I found it to be a little salty for my taste.  The entrees didn’t quite live up to the mushroom toast, but I would go again and get the toast and enjoy the lovely ambiance!

Lentil + Beet Burger | marinated red onions, cucumber, tomatoes,goat cheese, texas style roll

Local Halibut | leek, scallion and sweet potato hash, local organic vegetables, beet puree, and roasted tomato quahog broth

Drinks at Upstreet Craft Brewing

We capped off the night with some local brews at Upstreet Craft Brewing.  I was a HUGE fan of their Rhuby Social Strawberry: Rhubarb Witbier.  It was fruity, light and quite refreshing.  I am also a big fan of witbiers (I’m a weakling), so I was more akin to it.

In Canada, we found that they list out the IBU’s (International bittering units) for each beer.  It tells you how bitter the beer is.  It was very helpful!  Also, I would never drink an IPA in the states because I’m not a fan of the taste.  However, Canadian IPA’s were not nearly as strong!  I actually enjoyed a few in Canada-land.

Enjoy a few pints at Upstreet and they’ve got plenty of board games to play!


Here is a usable map with the places that we went!


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