Farmhouse Evanston

I recently took a trip to Chicago and I was so excited to EAT!  Of course, Chicago is known for pizzas, hot dogs, and Italian, but I wanted to find a few vegetarian friendly spots and farm-to-table establishments.

I got the pleasure to dine at Farmhouse Evanston and LOVED it.  Farmhouse Evanston is situated in the quaint college town of Northwestern University and is absolutely adorable inside.  Most of the wood is reclaimed barn siding and beams from three small farms in Wisconsin.  Think modern farmhouse decor, barnyard walls and an absolute dream.  I want it all.

Farmhouse Evanston interior | thefreshfind.com

Farmhouse Evanston interior | thefreshfind.com

This Midwestern Tavern sources their food and drink as local as possible.  Most of their ingredients are from their neighbors in Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and Indiana.  They make their own burgers, condiments and sodas from scratch– providing a true “farm to tavern” experience.

Here are my favorites and ‘must gets’ from Farmhouse Evanston!

The Veggie Patty: Whether you get this patty on top of a salad, or in the veggie burger, you can’t go wrong.  This might be the best veggie patty I have ever had.  Bold statement, I know.  But true!  It’s filled with grains, quinoa, mushrooms and lightly fried on the outside.

I got a Farmhouse Chop Salad topped with the veggie patty and it was delicious.

Farmhouse Evanston Veggie Patty | thefreshfind.com

Portobello Sandwich: This sandwich is loaded with a full juicy portobello cap, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, asparagus and on a pretzel roll.  There is a “mimosa” sauce which is just magical.  It’s a combination of sesame oil, mayo, sriracha and honey.  I know, right??!!

It was filling, fresh, delicious and hearty!

Farmhouse Evanston Veggie Patty | thefreshfind.com

For the meat lovers, the boy enjoyed the Farmhouse Dry Aged burger– 100% grass fed beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon, cheddar and on a country style roll.  He got his burger fix, and I got my veggie fix.

For the beer lovers, they have over 36 craft beers on tap!  There is something for everyone and we enjoyed a local light beer.

After all the food, we went for a nice walk in the area which is super cute.  If you are near Evanston or Chicago, Farmhouse Evanston is definitely worth checking out.  You will experience fresh food, craft beverages and a friendly midwestern vibe!

Farmhouse Evanston: 703 Church Street, Evanston, IL 60201

Farmhouse Chicago: 228 W. Chicago Avenue, Chicago, IL 60654

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    Katy V
    April 22, 2018 at 3:23 am

    Farmhouse Evanston is one of my favorites. I love the food because I’m sure that it’s 100% fresh and I can say that their beef is organic. If you haven’t try eating hear, you should right now.

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