If you asked me for the best Italian joint in Austin, I would send you to Patrizi’s.


If you asked me who makes the most perfectly cooked homemade pasta, I would tell you Patrizi’s.Pasta Hand

If you asked me where to find the best meatballs, I would tell you Patrizi’s.


If you asked me who has the best sangria in town, I would tell you Butterfly Bar… which is right next to Patrizi’s.

So what is Patrizi’s?  Patrizi’s is Austin’s most precious gift—gifted straight from the Italian gods.  This food truck, located off of Manor Rd, will change your life.  Do not get misled by the ‘truck’ idea, Patrizi’s has recreated an intimate Italian dining experience with candles, strung lights, wine bottles and adorable tables.  As long as the weather permits, it is a perfect date spot or a girls night out. Patrizis Outdoor: K. Elli

The food is remarkable—my favorite being the Pomodoro pasta ($10).  The first bite, down to the last noodle (which you will be treasuring dearly), will knock your socks off.  I took my first bite and my eyes shot as wide as they could, and my pasta-filled mouth mumbled, ‘ohhhh my gooshhhhhh’!!

I continued to eat in this same pattern… closing my eyes, making weird noises, and cherishing each bite.  The combination of the al-dente pasta with the light and fresh sauce is unreal.


The sauce is made of only three ingredients: roma tomatoes, olive oil, and garlic confit (yummmm!).  I couldn’t believe three simple ingredients could morph into such a beautiful thing.  As if that wasn’t enough, they top the dish with housemade ricotta.  I don’t think I need to say more.


The Cacio e Pepe ($10) is another delight.  It is a bowl of cheesy, peppery goodness with the most perfect noodles that have blessed this earth.   I highly recommend adding the housemade ricotta ($2), and for the non-vegetarians, a monstrous baseball-sized meatball ($4). Cacio Better

Patrizi’s is gluten-free friendly and offers spaghetti squash as a substitute.   If you can handle gluten, I highly recommend avoiding this option. You will be sad and homemade noodle-less.  No bueno.  I understand all you carb-conscious folks, but seriously, this is not the place.  You’ve got the best pasta right in front of you, so just enjoy it.  They also offer half portions ($6), which might seem like a good idea, but in the end, you will wish you got the full portion (at least, that’s how I felt).

Right next door is Butterfly Bar, which has a full service bar.  If you buy food at Patrizi’s, you can get a bottle of wine for just $15.  They also have house-made sangria, which is my all-time favorite sangria in Texas.

I’m not sure what else you could ask for…great service, delicious food and wine and a beautiful ambiance.  Grab your friends or a date and take a visit to Patrizi’s.  It’s got something to please your palate and will have you coming back for more.

Patrizis pasta

Address: 2307 Manor Road

Hours of Operation: 5-11 pm

Phone number: (512) 814-8557

Takes reservations: No

WiFi: No

Website: http://patrizis.com

Please note most food photos were taken by Nic Patrizi and Jeff Amador.

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